monthly podcast support

you take the mic, we'll do the rest

to get the most out of your podcast, it's what you do after the mic drops that matters

we can take it from here


We’ll edit your episode to improve the pacing, remove your umms and ahhs, balance the audio and add intros, adverts & credits. 


We’ll transcribe each episode to improve your SEO and accessibility, which you can then add to your website as a blog post and use to create your marketing content.


We’ll write your shownotes as a summary of the episode with key time stamps, both guest and host details and any links or resources mentioned in the episode.


We’ll create an audiogram with a 60 second audio clip from your episode and additional graphic-based posts for you, and any guests, to use to promote your episode. We’ll create a branded graphic for each episode.


Each episode will be scheduled to your hosting platform ready to go live on the day of your choosing. This will bring your podcast to all the major listening platforms including Spotify & Apple Podcasts.


We’ll review and feedback on your show each month to offer guidance and advice to continually improve your content. We provide a monthly report of your stats to review inline with your business goals.

our full monthly support includes...

plus bundles of expert support


Each episode will be scheduled to your hosting platform ready to go live on the day of your choosing. This will bring your podcast to all the major listening platforms including Spotify & Apple Podcasts.


You’ll have access to a private community group and exclusive podcast feed from Tammi and The Team to ask any questions, workshop ideas, tips & hacks and generally keep up to date.

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Tammi listened to every word I said and creatively pulled it all together working with me to get my passion out of my head and into a plan. Mind blowing!


Thanks SOOOOOOOO much. Can't quite believe how easy and enjoyable it's been!
On to season two...

Paul thompson

I have literally gone from "is this possible, can I do this?" to having a structured plan for the podcast, the first quarter's theme and episodes mapped out.


the short version

We’ll edit, schedule, transcribe and create the visuals for your episodes and work with you to ensure the show is working towards your business goals.
You won’t need to worry about anything.

the details...

the deliverables

Production & Strategy
Monthly audit and report
Editing + one round of amends
ID3 Tagging (for digital displays)
Shownotes (including time stamps & links)
Scheduled to your hosting platform
60 second audio clip for social media
Transcription of episode

Our support and cheerleading every step

Promotion (in two sizes)
1 x Audiogram (up to 60 seconds)
1 x episode graphic post
1 x call to action post
1 x quote post
1 x conversation starter or engagement post
2 x info slides (Apple & Spotify logo + CTA)

Bonus downloads, early access and exclusive content as it's released

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option one:
month to month support

two payment options

option two:
editing only

Full episode editing
Two 60 second clips
Intro, outro, music and adverts added

investment: £700 per month

Up to 4 episodes per month.
Minimum commitment one month.

£75 per episode

equivalent to £175 per episode
pay quarterly at £640 per month and save £15 per episode! Minimum commitment of three months.

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questions? visit the faq

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£300 per month for 4 episodes


what do you need from me each month?

We need your recorded audio at least one week prior to your desired episode live date and any links, info or photos for yourself or your guest you would like included in the episode promotion.

You also need intro music and visual branding. If you don't already have this in place we can help, pop us an email at or check out our launch package which could also be used for a relaunch.

Can you get my podcast listed on apple and spotify?

Yes! We will set up your podcast with an RSS feed and submit each episode to the major podcast sites including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Are there any additional costs?

You'll need a hosting site which vary in cost between free and around £20 per month. Depending on your podcast needs and goals we can discuss the right option for you during the strategy session. Whilst the free hosting sites keep overall costs down, they are often limited for monetisation options so saving now could limit your opportunities as your show grows. 

We're here for whatever you need. If it's a podcast, we can help. For a more bespoke offering, pop us an email to or fill out the contact form and we'll chat. 

I still have questions!!

Don't fret kitty cats, we got you. Talk to our experts through the contact form or by emailing and we'll answer within 48 hours. 

i have a unique format or video podcast, can you help?

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