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A private podcast feeds gives you the space to add exclusive content to your audience as a both a feature and benefit to your free or paid for communities. 

Answer questions, discuss ideas, talk in detail and add extra value to your communities. The beauty of a private podcast is not only the extra level of connection, but you have the freedom to create the content to your own schedule.

Record your most popular blog posts, your thoughts and reactions to industry news or even your FAQs in a more intimate way to connect deeper with your community.

content repurposing

Keep your clients and community members in the loop and feeling loved with exclusive content.

Repurpose snippets, ideas and quotes to your other social channels saving time on your day-to-day content creation. Together we'll create a strategy and set up all the tech so you can bring this benefit to your communities with ease, whilst showing your love and expertise.

As social media launches paid content options, get ahead of the trend with your own private podcast content.

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Tammi listened to every word I said and creatively pulled it all together working with me to get my passion out of my head and into a plan. Mind blowing!


Thanks SOOOOOOOO much. Can't quite believe how easy and enjoyable it's been!
On to season two...

Paul thompson

I have literally gone from "is this possible, can I do this?" to having a structured plan for the podcast, the first quarter's theme and episodes mapped out.



Plans, goals & ideas for a successful show, how it works to support your community, and the type of content they will benefit from

the details...

90 minute strategy session to:


Everything you need to define your podcast’s visual identity inline with your commmunity or course creative. Create an aligned brand for your private show that works with your course, community or membership and visuals that support your wider content. A series of templates gives you flexibility to create new graphics when needed.

- Podcast logo/cover art design
- Episode type graphic templates
- Bespoke suite of templates to suit your needs
- Music for your show (non-exclusive license)
- Full Guide: How To Use Your Templates
- Files supplied via Canva or relevant file types


We’ll run through your tech, software and systems to make sure you are ready to record with confidence. 

- Create an account on your hosting site of choice
- Set up your private feed and links
- Go through your tech to record and upload
- Troubleshoot any questions
- Offer advice and best practice guidelines
- Episode checklist & other downloadable content


Access to Tammi and the team via Voxer or WhatsApp for one month to answer any questions and celebrate with you. 

- Set your podcast goals
- Outline your podcast & episode structure
- Create a list of content ideas
- Script your episode intro & outro with CTA
- Create a content repurposing structure
- Go through your tech & solve any questions
- Map out how to talk about this exclusive content
- Monetisation options
- Discuss a launch plan

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option one:
Private Podcast Package

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option two:
Private Podcast Package
PLUS one month support

The full private podcast package plus we’ll take care of your editing, production and episode marketing for up to 6 episodes so you can focus on your community. You’ll receive our monthly support package (details here) for your first month at a discounted rate. 

investment: £750

Everything detailed above to get you ready to launch with confidence, ready to maximise each episodes with a developed brand for the show. 

investment: £1500

sound good? next steps...

Pay in full or two interest free instalments of £375

Pay in full or three interest free instalments of £500

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How long does it take to launch?

We do love a keen bean! We have launched in as little as 3 weeks. It will depend on a number of factors including availability (yours and ours), technical set up and your individual strategy and goals. Best way to find out is to get in touch with us using the contact form here or by email

Can you get my podcast listed on apple and spotify?

We will set up your podcast with an RSS feed and show you how to share this to your community but as this is a private podcast or exclusive content it won't be listed on Spotify or Apple podcasts.

Are there any additional costs?

You'll need a hosting site which vary in cost between free and around £20 per month. Depending on your podcast needs and goals we can discuss the right option for you during the strategy session. Whislt the free hosting sites keep overall costs down, they are often limited for monetisation options so saving now could limit your opportunities as your show grows. 

I still have questions!!

Don't fret kitty cats, we got you. Talk to our experts through the contact form or by emailing and we'll answer within 48 hours. 

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